News | Genesis International Film Festival (GIFF)

New season

We are happy to announce that we have launched another season of our film festival, GIFF'2023!
As in previous years, we are happy to see entries from all over the world. This season, we are happy to say that we have made separate festivals for documentary filmmakers and for students and film debutants.

🌎 👁GIFF.Docu is a separate area of the GIFF festival. It accepts entries from documentary filmmakers from all over the world. The main task of the festival is to tell stories about people from different parts of the world and combine them into a common picture of the world.

👩‍🎓👨‍🎓GIFF.DEBUTS is a standalone direction of the GIFF festival. It accepts entries from students and debutants in the world of filmmaking. The winners of GIFF.DEBUTS will be shortlisted for the main GIFF festival and screened at the final screening. Our goal is to create a community of students from different film schools to communicate, collaborate and share their experiences. We also give the chance for emerging filmmakers to show their work to established industry creators. And we give experienced professionals the opportunity to find young talents for collaboration.

To promote talented authors, we connect them with film screening platforms, streaming services and TV channels. We invite the best participants to the festival jury to create a logical continuity between seasons of the festival, as well as to develop and promote the festival on the world stage.

We are waiting for your applications 🎥🎞