Start - September, 20
Event - April, 16
Genesis international film festival (GIFF) is a creative competition where everyone can show their talent and be judged by a highly professional jury. GIFF was born out of the need to discover new talent among filmmakers - from filmmakers to CGIs.

The missions of the festival are tо:
- create a platform for demonstrating participants' unique view on art
- reward the best works with well-deserved attention
- build a community for exchanging useful contacts between creative people
Also we (organizers) want to show that each human being is a unique person with his own special outlook on life and art, and with the help of works from all over the world, we want to show how art can be diverse
Opening Date
September 20, 2021
Late Deadline
March 20, 2022
Extended Deadline
April 9, 2022
Event Date
April 16, 2022
Who can participate?
People over the age of 21 from all over the world
Short Films
Drama short films under 30 minutes.
Comedy short films under 30 minutes.
Short films of any genre under 30 minutes.
Grand prix
Animation films under 30 minutes.
Experimental or arthouse films under 30 minutes.
Science fiction short films under 30 minutes.
Arthouse / Indie film
Arthouse or indie films under 30 minutes.
Fantasy short films under 30 minutes.
Please, read the rules before you apply the work
Rules & Terms
1. All films must be submitted in English or with English subtitles.
2. There is entry fee required. Festival participation fees are non-refundable.
3. Work duration criteria:
- short films must be no longer than 30 minutes;
- documentaries must be no longer than 120 minutes;
- scripts must be no longer than 140 pages.
4. Selected films will be required to submit a high-resolution file of the project. To submit films for consideration to the Film Selection Committee fill out the online entry form and upload the film.
Accepted formats for visual artwork: .mp4 files, Vimeo/YouTube links, dropbox links or any cloud storage link.
5. All producers and/or directors who own the rights to the film they are submitting are eligible for competition.
6. Each filmmaker or producer may submit as many films as desired. An entry form for each work must be submitted.
7. If selected, participants will be notified via email in order to continue in the competition.
8. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these Regulations
9. By submitting an application to us, you give us the right to show your film online and also in front of a live audience in Moscow, Russia. Not all nominated films will be screened.
By submitting, the individual or corporation submitting the project hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the project for screening and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.
Ilaria Lopatina
Theater and film actress

Ilaria starred in films, advertisements and music videos, played for several years in a large Moscow theater, participated in many theater and film festivals.
Daniel Díaz Rodríguez
Director and co-owner of an audiovisual studio @60rafagas
Daniel is a highly qualified filmmaker, has extensive experience as a director of photography, editor and calorist.
Alexey Derevyanko
Editing director and post-production producer
Alexey worked as a producer on a large number of TV projects, documentaries and feature films, has extensive experience in managing creative teams.
Justin Patrick
Justin is specializing in commercial and advertising photography, but he doesn't limit to interior, product and food photography.
Lilia Le Dieu
Award-winning producer, director @lilipon
Lilia is a producer of independent short films, music videos and ads. Her films have gathered over sixty selections across international film festivals.
James Fink-Jensen
James is skilled in directing, screenwriting and film editing. Has extensive experience as an assistant director, second AD, production assistant and locations assistant.
Andrey Voskresensky
Senior Digital Compositor
Andrey has a great experience in producing high quality digital composites and visual effects for public events and television, working on the most intricate and demanding shots.
Alexandra Novokreshchina
Executive producer
Alexandra has extensive experience in producing short films and giving lectures to students and the professional community.
Lex Rodnov
Director, producer, virtual and augmented reality artist
Alexander has released a number of international documentaries, was engaged in the production of advertisements and music videos, and created a number of major commercial projects around the world using holograms and 3D-mapping.
Alexander Laukhin
Producer, owner of a digital agency, head of an IT company
Alexander has extensive experience in the production of various media content, mainly of an advertising nature. Producer of short films. Now Alexander is developing his own digital agency.
Alexander Bruckner
Member of the Austrian Film Academy, director, 1st AD, producer @alexander.bruckner
Alexander was graduated from the New York Film Academy majoring in film-directing. In 2014 received the title of Master of Arts and Management. Several of Alexander's films were selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2020 Alexander founded the Vienna International Film Awards.
Demyan Karpunov
CGI-generalist, motion designer
Demyan has a general specialization in film and television, which includes compositing, tracking, 3D modeling, animation and rendering. Lecturer at the online school in the field of design and VFX.
Maxim Melnikov
Producer, screenwriter and journalist
Maxim has several professional awards and performs in the edutainment genre.
Manzini Zungu
Executive producer at Pacina Pictures @pacinamix_za
Manzini Zungu is a South African award-winning filmmaker and producer known for the animated film Shaka: Inkosi Yamakhosi. He is also a passionate storyteller who loves to tell heritage stories of African origin.
Stefan Petrov
Stefan actively acts in films, played in the youth patriotic theater, winner of the Shakespeare global sonets international competition.
Zafer Yaşlı
Zafer is award-winning director at various film festivals. He has extensive experience in directing.
Gloria Tejero Gasalla
Director and co-owner of an audiovisual studio @60rafagas
Gloria is an experienced filmmaker, she is also involved in editing and producing films. Together with Daniel Díaz Rodríguez, they shot many advertisements and several music videos.
Leif Petersen
Social entrepreneur with a PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia. @Leif Petersen
Leif is currently a co-Director of a non profit organisation in Cape Town that supports livelihoods in the creative economy, and is also working on a range of creative projects including documentaries, music and exhibitions.
Alexander Lukyanov
Post production producer, CG generalist
Alexander is a certified advertising director. He has made several short films and worked for TV channels as a designer. He has worked on projects ranging from TV commercials to feature-length films. Now Alexander is developing his own motion graphics studio.
Joel Junior
Award winning director, screenwriter, actor, producer @joeljunior.official
Joel is CEO of a film studio, located in Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in all areas of filmmaking. Several of Joel's films won awards at various film festivals.
Kirill Leonov
Producer, co-owner & CEO of an IT-company
Kirill is the co-founder of AR project, winner of Creative ports contest in the nomination of "The best AR project".
Manos Triantafillakis
Actor, director, producer @Manos30fillakisJMT
Manos Triantafillakis has been actively involved in theater and cinema based on acting and directing for 25 years.
Nadezhda Popova
Co-owner of an IT company @nd.popova
Nadezhda is a highly qualified professional. She has a great experience in creating applications for mobile devices
Björn Boström
Award-winning screenwriter, playwright and script consultant @Björn Boström
Björn's stage plays have been produced in Sweden, Turkey and Germany and the scripts for short films he penned, have been well-received at international film festivals.
Timur Ramazanov
Director, head of animation studio
Timur is a Moscow, Russia based award-winning film director, VFX and motion-design artist. He has a great experience functioning in mediaindustry at all and has remained involved in the community, giving lectures and participates in film and CG VFX events.
Rod Sáez Chávez
Co-founder of a film studio @Cintámani Films
Rod studied visual arts, cinema and advertising. He has over 15 years of experience in show-business, he created music videos for many artists, and worked with award-winning directors. Now he is working on the post-production of a documentary, with Soledad Cáceres.
Winners will receive diplomas, laurels, customized statuettes or other prizes (depending on the nomination).
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