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GIFF 2023

New Season of the Genesis International Film Festival

Cinema and media experts worldwide have united to evaluate hundreds of projects from every corner of the globe. The 3rd season of Genesis International Film Festival will conclude with an offline screening of the top works and the selection of "Grand Prix" and "People’s Choice Award" winners. This season, GIFF is divided into three competitions: GIFF.Short, GIFF.Debuts, and GIFF.Docu.

GIFF is a unique platform for creatives seeking their place in the world of cinema. Specialists with diverse expertise will evaluate their work. The jury has expanded significantly, including past festival winners. With 590 submissions from 63 countries, the nomination system now encompasses nearly all significant filmmaking aspects.

Co-founders of the film festival are Alexandra Novokreshchina and Timur Ramazanov shares: "With this festival, we aim to support independent creators worldwide, ensuring their talent finds its audience. We strive to be as friendly as possible, always providing feedback and showcasing their work."

Winners will receive prestigious festival trophies, industry resources, and discounts for future projects. GIFF's partner, ScreenReaders, will offer the Grand Prix winner a 100% discount on their services. Several outstanding works will have the opportunity to be shown on SHOT TV.

Our esteemed partners for the final event have contributed their expertise and products:

  • XOVP: the largest virtual production studio implementing Virtual Production technology in the production of movies, TV series, commercials and music videos.
  • Karibu Kombucha: a natural beverage made from organic tea.
  • Grow Food: tasty and healthy food delivery. With them, it is easy and profitable to lose weight, keep in shape or just eat right.
  • Volkovskaya Brewery: guests can try different classic and new flavors of lemonades.
  • Happy Corn и Happy Crips - natural air-popped popcorn made by Air Popped technology and flavorful, crispy, thin chips made of whole grain corn and rice with 100% natural spices. The products do not contain carcinogens and trans fats.

We are grateful for our incredible partners, enhancing the overall success and atmosphere of the Genesis International Film Festival.

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