News | Genesis International Film Festival (GIFF)

GIFF Second Edition

We are pleased to announce that we are launching the call for entries for the second season of our festival.
What's new:
- We've changed the nomination structure a bit. We've added nominations for feature films, web series, and screenplays. New nominations for VR and AR. New technical nominations, including best editing and sound. And separately we want to mention a new nomination for students and debutants;
- we'll soon be unveiling an updated panel of our great jurors;
- we plan to hold the festival finale in person with a live audience in april, but we will build on the covid situation;
- there are a few other changes, which we will tell you about later.

Specially for our past participants and readers of this news we've prepared promo-code for 90% discount till October 23: "GIFFTHANKS".

Looking forward to your projects!