News | Genesis International Film Festival (GIFF)


We are delighted to announce the results of the GIFF.Docu, which took place on December 18, 2022, in Samara, Russia. This documentary film festival brought together a diverse array of talented filmmakers, with the jury and guests evaluating the best works from a carefully curated shortlist.

The GIFF.Docu event showcased an impressive selection of documentary films, and we are proud to present the following list of winners and nominees:

Best Documentary Film:
- Quest for Silence (France) - WINNER
- Alcindo (Portugal) - NOMINEE
- Aqueous Humour - A Band From Radcliffe (United Kingdom) - NOMINEE
- Beloved (Iran, Islamic Republic of) - NOMINEE
- New Land – The Kalinago Dream (Germany) - NOMINEE
- Leglassion (Greece) - NOMINEE
- Southern Ural. Traces of Ages (Russian Federation) - NOMINEE
- ANS - The First Dutch Adventure in Space (Netherlands) - NOMINEE

The Genesis International Film Festival (GIFF.Docu) was a remarkable experience for both the organizers and the jury, as they had the opportunity to engage with exceptional filmmakers and view 43 submissions from 34 countries worldwide. The festival successfully highlighted a broad spectrum of documentary films, celebrating the creativity and talent of filmmakers from across the globe.